Close your eyes. Shut them tight and let your mind drift off into your “happy place.

What do you envision?

For me, it’s an open road, illuminated by the glaring sunlight. The road lacks presence as far as the eye can see. Peaceful, the amber-coloured landscape is dominated by a mountainous backdrop and I can feel the warm breath of the sun heating up my skin. 

I feel a sense of freedom when I go to my happy place. Since I have not yet ticked it off my travel itinerary, it inspires me to keep moving.

To be honest, I am not sure where the place I am envisioning is located on the globe. Maybe Route 66. Possibly New Zealand, or South America.

What I do know is that I envision myself holding a map in my hand, eager to fulfill my burning desire to roam the unspoiled land. This teaches me that a “happy place” is a setting so sublime and alluring that it instills a feeling of wanderlust.

Us human beings are complex creatures. However, with that being said, we are all pretty similar in the sense that we crave freedom and a life filled with adventure.

Adventure awaits every inhabitant of Planet Earth; you just gotta be brave enough to take the almighty leap into the unknown.

By allowing wanderlust to guide me, I acted on impulse in February of 2015 and did what I always said I would do – purchase a one-way ticket to Thailand.


Wherever your happy place might be, I can pretty much guarantee that I want to go there, if I haven’t already. So, let me assist you on your globe-trotting mission!

I am going to show you how to travel the world, how to work in foreign countries and how to become rich by embracing the nomad lifestyle.